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Best Yoga Asanas for Back Pain

I started my yoga practice about a year ago. I was always kind of interested in it, but felt a little silly beginning. When I finally took the plunge, bought a good mat, and began practicing yoga everyday, I found a lot of unexpected benefits, one of the biggest being relief from my chronic back pain.

There are a few poses that I found during and after my yoga session, that relived my pain so much. Hopefully you’ll find that they help yours too!

1. Child’s Pose, or Balsana

Child’s Pose is first on this list because when I first began doing yoga, I was shocked at how much this simple stretch relived my tight muscles and soothed my lower back.

2. Standing Forward Bend, or Uttanasana

Standing Forward Bend is also one of my favorite parts of a workout, as it gives your spine and muscles a chance to completely relax and hang down. It gives it an opportunity to rest completely and not have any pressure on it.

3. Thread The Needle Pose, or Parsva Balasana

For me, Thread the Needle feels amazing on my back. Not only do you get a good stretch in your lower and mid back, but you also get a nice stretch in your chest and shoulder.

4. Head To Knee Forward Bend

Head to Knee Forward Bend is good because it’s lengthening your spine while stretching your back muscles out from bottom to top.

5. Melting Heart Pose, or Anahatasana

Melting Heart Pose is very similar to Child’s Pose in form, except you’re on your knees instead of keeping your shins on the mat. This one is also a good chest opener, and can help you feel extremely relaxed.

6. Crocodile Pose, or Makarasana (Left and Right Variations)

I find myself in this pose often when I’m just laying in bed, so it’s definitely super comfortable. Holding it for a minute or so on the left side, then on the right; is so relieving on the lower back.

This one is one of my personal favorites, as it relieves back pain, but also opens your hips up a bit.

I hope that you’ll try working these into your next yoga session, and even if you don’t practice yoga, you should try to give Child’s Pose in particular a chance. It has helped me relieve my back tension and pain immensely, and I hope it helps you too!

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