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The First Step to RYT-200

Yesterday, I took my first module and test in my RYT-200 course.

I couldn’t be more excited. I’m so happy to learn more about something that has made me feel powerful, peaceful, and strong; and to then take it and share that knowledge with others.

I began Yoga practice during a dark time in my life, and since then, I never stopped. My greatest hope is that maybe, just maybe, I’ll one day teach someone like myself. Maybe they’ll be able to find the solace and comfort in it that I did.

Wish me luck, and please leave a word of advice if you have some!

“If you’re a yoga teacher, I’m certain that your students will show up not for what your poses, your body, your practice looks like, not because you are the most innovative or brilliant or beautiful (though, I assure you, you are innovative, brilliant, and beautiful), but because you’re the only one who can teach like you, whose journey has led you exactly to this moment. And, I assure you, whatever you’ve got and whatever got you here—

embrace it.

We need your message.”

– Ashley Asti

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